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This page lists all the files that you can download:

File Size, Mb (Kb) Description Version Downloaded, today Downloaded
AutomaticMail : Download

35.68 (36541) AutomaticMail: program for working with mail on a massive scale: can't send mails to multiple recipients, and variable data (from letter to letter) are taken from a table, or can generate the files and the database from the incoming mail messages according to certain rules 0 36632
CalculationLaboratory : Download

4.81 (4928) CalculationLaboratory - a program designed to work with scripts (standard) 0 32681
MessageDirector : Download

14.68 (15035) MessageDirector: Program to create and edit reminders, i.e. at a certain time, specified in the job are those messages that you have set.Runtime messages you can assign to specific days and time, at a certain time daily, and can be done so that it runs only on certain days of the week.With all necessary components 0 22835
CalcumLite : Download

0.26 (270) Calcum Lite: The unpretentious calculator, able to work with huge numbers. 0.1.1 0 19713
CalcumPro : Download

6.23 (6374) Calcum Pro: The extreme complete set with English and Russian Help, and also with all skins, the editor of tables, a builder of skins 0.1.39 0 16595
LibAllPlus : Download

2.69 (2759) The complete set of libraries for correct job of my programs: : Calcum Pro, Calcum Lite, Musicator 1 0 18731
Musicator : Download

1.75 (1793) Musicator: The unpretentious musical editor. Only on russian! 0 16971

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