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A mathematical program that uses scripts for calculations. You can adjust the accuracy for calculations, and optimization is also available for multiprocessor and multi-core systems If you are a scientist or you work with something related to those areas where computer calculations are required, then you probably know that complex calculations take a lot of time and effort. It is worth saying that any scientific research related to exact Sciences requires precise calculation. This program offers a tool for accurate counting, which is produced in the program. The method for setting the calculation method is scripts or a programming language specially created for this purpose. Such computing tasks sometimes require high computing power, but this results in high mathematical accuracy. The program will reveal a great opportunity on computers that have high performance, because the specifics of the program is the calculation of mathematical values. This is much better than making calculations in your mind, because the normal human mind can't handle complex numerical calculations. It is safe to say that mathematics will be required in all important areas. You can use the program for free, this are 4 threads available in the free version. In the paid version, threads optimization is available on 16 and more threads, and support for mantissa is also available.

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Mailer for mailing lists. You can use templates in sent emails, so each email will be uniqueAutomaticMail is a unique mailing program. All emails sent are unique because they contain unique data. You can do this using templates, for example, by contacting recipients in person. Each email contains the content specified in the program. In this program, you can filter incoming mail according to the rules.


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