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License types

License Scope The cost
Post The full-featured version, with the only difference that this license does not support working with databases, and it does not allow you to select an open table for importing contacts into the program. It also doesn't have filters for incoming mail. You can also not receive mail in it $20 / €17.83
Full In this version, you can receive mail, and there are no restrictions on sending emails. $35 / €31.2
Plus In addition to all of the above, this version supports filtering incoming mail $45 / €40.11
Professional This version is fully functional with all the features implemented in the program $65 / €57.94


Free software distribution

All software is distributed without restrictions

Free refund

If you purchase the app, you can return the funds within 14 days from the date of purchase

24-hour information support

Information support is provided (help and questions about software products)

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