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A program for calculating complex expressions - calculating roots, calculating circles, calculating coordinates

All means of calculation are complex. But is there anything to simplify the task? The more complex the task is, the more complex the numerical apparatus, the more powerful tools are needed to solve the problem. All tasks are solved either solved or not. It all depends on two components - the Solver and the by Solver - usually they are not separated (in the case of solving typical problems that do not use complex computing resources). But the more difficult the task, the more important the role both components - the Solver and the by Solver. In the case of solving complex problems that require complex computing resources (in this case, a computer), the role of the Solver (usually a person) begins to change by using Solving (usually a computer) complex mathematical expressions. And not the least role, here is played by a program that performs a calculation (Decisive), having all the necessary abilities.

Introducing CalculationLaboratory - a program that provides high math standards. Each is accompanied by a high computation accuracy. Syntax CalculationLaboratory language repeats the syntax of the language such as C, C ++, java, php. However, there is a bias in the strontium math problems requiring special attention. These problems sometimes require high computing power, but due to this, a high mathematical precision. It is much better than to perform calculations in his mind, because ordinary human mind is unable to cope with complex numerical calculations.

All calculations are made by means called scripts. In scripts, you can specify any numbers for accuracy. Implementation takes place as long as resources allow your computer system (ie, a computer or a computer). If you specified accuracy is not enough, you can use a special number of extended precision, the resources of which are very huge. With it, you can calculate the values that are not subject to other programs. This special number is called extended precision extreme number.
This program supports working with databases (since version
In the unregistered version, there are all opportunities that require high precision. But in the registered version features available to accelerate computation. It is said that the desired acceleration can be customized by specifying the desired settings. This acceleration of exponentiation (This optimization is available on multi-core and multi-processor systems), as well as an alternative way of raising to a power (exponentiation speeds in single-threaded mode, without the use of optimization for multi-core and multiprocessor computers). Also in the registered version is available for setting the optimization calculations using the mantissa. This setting speeds up the operation produced.

There are both 32-bit and 64-bit edition, all in one setup file.

If you want disclamer of ads you can buy CalculationLaboratory. How to do it you can read here

Supported operating systems : Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8/8.1/2012/10

On other systems, the program will not work, or it will work with errors.

CalculationLaboratory Help

A mathematical program that uses scripts for calculations. You can adjust the accuracy for calculations, optimization for multiprocessor and multi-core systems is also available

Without database driver:

Size: 10.93Mb
Downloaded: 37886 copies

With database driver:

Size: 194.42Mb
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