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Program menu

Menu Action
File > New Creating a new document
File > Open Opening the document
File > Save Saving a document
File > Save as... Save the document under a new name.
File > Using files > This submenu contains already used before the files, click on the menu item will open the corresponding file.
File > Print Printing a document
File > Exit The program closed.
Edit > Undo Undo
Edit > Redo Repeat previous action
Edit > Cut Cut selected text
Edit > Copy Copy selected text
Edit > Paste Paste text
Edit > Delete To delete the selected text
Edit > Find Find in the text of the script
Edit > Replace To replace the text of the script.
View > Font Font change the set of scripts
View > Zoom graphics Here you can change the scale of the graph, indicating the desired settings
Service > Start The startup script
Service > Stop Stop execution of the script
Service > Options Program settings
Service > Calculator Simplified calculator (no buttons)
Service >Graphics constructor Graphics constructor (Displays and graphics created using a script).
Service > Languages The language selection box.
Help > Show help Call help
Help > About Brief information about the program