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Program settings: General Tab

The tab contains 5 settings:

  1. Setting the precise of PI (a mathematical constant equal to the ratio of the circumference to its diameter)
  2. Setting the precise of the number e (the mathematical constant, the base of the natural logarithm, is a transcendental and irrational number)
  3. The parameter "Represent constants as an extreme number" - when this option is selected, the constants used in the script will return (i.e., when using their type will be represented as an extreme number with all the possibilities of an extreme number, such as an extended range of numeric data, being an excess of the numeric data range greater than 1E+308
  4. The parameter "Enable extreme number support in calculations" is a setting that allows you to enable and disable the setting for using the calculation system with the use of an extreme number - a calculation system that allows you to achieve greater accuracy in calculations