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A comment is a line starting with // the characters are nothing, they are ignored by the shell scripts.

Also the comment can be a string (or strings), character enclosed in brackets /* and */.

Comments in programming play an important role in helping developers better understand the code and making it easier to work together on a project. They may contain explanations of the code, indications of implementation features, descriptions of algorithms, and much more. Comments can be either short or detailed, depending on the complexity of the code and its specifics. It is important to monitor their relevance and correctness in order to avoid misunderstandings and mistakes during the development process. In addition to describing the code, comments may contain tasks to refine the code, indicate possible errors or improvements, which makes them an important tool for creating high-quality and reliable software. In addition, comments simplify code support in the future, allowing you to quickly understand its features and logic of operation. In general, the correct use of comments is an indispensable tool for a professional programmer.