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The construction of the graph of the function

Writing functions:

drawgraph(var, str_var, color)

This function builds a graph of a function that is in the var variable str_var specified (as a string) what mathematical variable is abcissa. other variables are constants is changing the abscissa of the program builds the graph. Color graphics should be specified in the color variable.



The function described in this text is a powerful tool that allows you to visualize the graph of the function. It is based on the use of three variables: one of them contains the function itself, according to which the graph will be built, and the third variable determines the color of the graph (the second is an abscissa).

To start working with this function, you need to define variables that contain the necessary information. The first variable must contain the function that the graph will be based on. This function can be represented as a string containing a mathematical expression.

The third variable should contain information about the color of the graph. This can be a color name, a color code, or a reference to an object representing the color.

After determining the necessary variables, you can start plotting the function. To do this, the function must call the appropriate methods or functions from the selected data visualization library.

Thus, this function allows you to easily and conveniently plot a function with the selected color, providing a visual representation of the data and demonstrating the relationship between the arguments and the values of the function.