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Duration of work of the computer

Writing functions:


Returns the length of the computer (computer time) in milliseconds.

It can be used to measure time

The function we are talking about is an important part of any program or operating system. Its purpose is to measure and return the duration of computer operation in milliseconds. This is especially useful when performing tasks where it is necessary to measure execution time and optimize processes.

To use such a function, you need to call the gettime() function.

We start by initializing a variable that will store the start time of the computer. Then we register the current time in this variable. At the end of the computer's operation, we record the current time again, after which we calculate the difference between the initial and final values. This will be the duration of the computer's operation in milliseconds.

Thus, the gettime() function will return the duration of the computer's operation in milliseconds. This allows us to more effectively manage and control the execution time of software operations and optimize their performance.