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Move the file pointer to the specified location (from the beginning of the file)

seekfile(handle, pos)


Sets the file pointer of the opened file to the position specified by the pos parameter. handle - the handle to the open file.


A software feature designed to move a file pointer plays an important role in many applications and operating systems. It provides the ability to accurately change the position of the pointer inside the file, which allows for more complex file operations, such as reading and writing data to specific locations.

Moving the file pointer can be useful in many cases. For example, when analyzing and processing large files, going to a specific point inside the file can avoid reading the entire file, which will significantly speed up the data processing process. Also, moving the pointer can be useful when editing files, allowing you to specify exactly where to insert or delete data.

The software function of moving the file pointer is an important part of many applications that work with files. It allows you to specify exactly the location inside the file to which you want to perform operations such as reading, writing, editing, and others. The correct implementation of this function ensures efficient and secure work with files in the system.

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