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Finding the string position

Writing functions:

strpos(str1, str2, index)

Searches of string str2 from a string str1. Start a search with the character at index. Returns the position of the found string.


The function in question is a set of instructions written in a programming language in order to perform a specific task. In this case, the function is designed to find the position of a given row in another row.

To begin with, we have two strings - the source string in which we are looking for a given substring, and the substring itself, the position of which we want to find. Our function will take these two strings as input parameters.

Next, the function will go through the source string and check each character for a match with the first character of the substring. If the characters match, the function will check the following characters in both strings to make sure they match completely. If all the characters of the substring match the corresponding characters in the source string, the function returns the position at which this substring begins in the source string.

If no substring was found in the original string, the function will return some kind of marker indicating the absence of this substring.

Thus, this function will allow us to find the position of a given string in another string without having to write many additional code lines.

It is important to note that various algorithms and methods can be used to implement this function. The choice of a specific algorithm will depend on the specifics of the programming language in which this function will be developed, as well as on the required efficiency and accuracy of the search.