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Converts the value of a variable or function (or any expression) in extreme number.

The software function in question is a powerful tool capable of converting numbers or strings into a special type of extreme number - extended precision numbers. This feature has been developed by experts with many years of experience and is based on advanced mathematical algorithms.

What are extended precision numbers? These are numbers that can work with incredibly large or small values, with high accuracy and represented in various number systems. Such numbers are widely used in various fields, including science, engineering and financial markets.

Our feature offers the ability to convert numbers or strings into this unique data type. How does it work? First, the function checks the input value and determines whether it is a number or a string. Then, depending on the type of input data, the corresponding processing and transformation takes place.

If the input value is a number, the function recognizes it and automatically converts it to an extended precision number. This allows you to process numbers with very large or small numbers after the decimal point, as well as work with numbers in scientific notation.

If the input value is a string, the function first analyzes it and determines whether it can be converted to a number. If so, the string is converted to a number, and then the number is converted to an extended precision number.

In addition, the function provides the ability to specify the required number system for an extended precision number. Our function supports various number systems, including binary, octal, decimal and hexadecimal systems.

One of the main features of the developed function is its high performance and accuracy. The function is optimized for working with large amounts of data and provides reliable results even when performing complex mathematical operations.

In conclusion, the function program that converts a number or string into extended precision numbers is a powerful tool that can be useful in various fields of activity. Its flexibility, high performance and accuracy make it an indispensable solution for tasks requiring high precision numbers.

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