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Function createtabledb

Writing functions

createtabledb(dbid, table, columns [, types, [, options])

Where dbid is the name of the variable returned by the opendb function, table is a variable or string representing the name of the table, columns is a block (i.e., a block layout) or an array representing a list of column names of the future table

This function creates a table with the required parameters and properties.

If this database is external, you also need to specify: types - a block (i.e., design as a block) or an array representing a list of column types of the future table
Type Representation:

Data typeString representation
Big Integerbigint
String string
Long String longstring
Time/Date datetime

Optional options parameter is a block (i.e. a block layout) or an array representing column parameters for an external database separated by colons and representing column parameters:

nullThe values in the column can take a NULL value
notnullThe values in the column cannot take a NULL value
primarykeyThis column is the key
autoincAuto-magnification when adding a new record
default=valueThis column will have the default value value if you need the value to contain a colon - use the symbols "$#", for the dollar sign use the symbols "$$"