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Function getdatatypedb - Data type of database of specified column and specified row

Writing functions:

getdatatypedb(table, column)

Where table is a variable returned by the opentable function, column is a number, row is a column name or column index, where numbering starts from 0 (from the 1st column)

This function returns a specific data type. The return value is numeric:

Data typeData size, bytesReturn value
Bytes - up to 25611
Short - up to 3200022
Integer - up to ~ 2 billion43
Big Integer - up to ~ 9 quintillion84
Float - up to 10^30685
String Variable length6
Date/Time Variable length7
Exact time value Variable length8
Extreme number Variable length9
Coordinate Variable length10
Extreme Fraction Variable length11
Formula Variable length12
Matrix / Array Variable length13
The coordinate matrix Variable length14

- "Exact time value" - not used yet.
- Return values greater than 8 are used only in the internal database.