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Function readfromdb

Writing functions:

readfromdb(table, column)

Where table is a variable returned by the opentable function, column is a number, row is a column name or column index, where numbering starts from 0 (from the 1st column)

This function reads data from the table, the specified column, the current read/write pointer.


The readfromdb function aims to read data from the specified column of the current read/write pointer in the database table. This feature provides flexibility and convenience in working with data in a database without the need to use a programming language.

The main parameters of the function are the read/write pointer and the name of the column from which you want to get data. This way, the developer will be able to specify exactly where the information needs to be read from.

It is important to note that the function can be used as an independent module or embedded in another program, providing unprecedented flexibility in working with data. The mechanism for reading data from a column is based on connecting to a database and sending a request specifying the desired column. After successful execution of the request, the function returns the corresponding data in a convenient format, ready for further processing.

Users of this function will be able to avoid the need to learn and use complex programming languages, since the function itself processes all the necessary actions and provides ready-made results. Due to this, the developer can significantly reduce the time for processing data and use it more effectively to solve their tasks.

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