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Function updatedb

Writing functions:

updatedb(dbid, table)

Where dbid is the name of the variable returned by the opendb function

This function updates information and added/updated records to the open database. In this case, the data appears in the specified database.



The function of updating saved data in a database table is an integral part of software development. It plays a key role in maintaining the relevance and integrity of the information stored in the database.

As part of this task, the update function updates existing data, allowing you to make changes to already saved records. To do this, the programmer must specify the appropriate table in the database.

After determining the necessary parameters, the update function checks for the presence of the specified record. If it exists, then the old data is replaced with new ones.

As a result, the function of updating saved data in the database table is an integral part of the database management process. It provides the ability to update existing records, and also eliminates the need to create new records to edit existing information.

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