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Returns only the integer portion of a number.

The mathematical function "integer only" implements the return of only the integer part of the number without rounding. This action can be useful in a variety of applications, including programming, finance, statistics, and scientific research.

One of the main ways to implement this function is to use the operation of dividing a number by 1 and taking its integer part. Thus, if there is a number "x", the function returns the largest integer that does not exceed the value "x".

Using this function in programming can be useful for data processing when it is necessary to get only the integer part of a number without rounding. For example, financial applications often require truncating the decimal part of a number to correctly calculate financial transactions or rounding to the nearest integer for data analysis and forecasting.

In the field of finance and accounting, this function is also widely used to work with currency. In the case when it is necessary to recalculate the amount from one currency to another, it may be necessary to discard the fractional part and return only the integer part of the number.

Another example of using this feature is statistical data analysis. In such cases, when it is necessary to work with a large amount of data, it may be necessary to round the values to the nearest integer to simplify statistical indicators.

This function can also be useful in scientific research when you need to work with data containing fractional values, and you need to save only the integer part of the number for further processing.

A mathematical function that returns only the integer part of a number without rounding is an effective tool for many applications where working with integers and data processing are required. It can be implemented using simple operations of dividing and taking the integer part of a number, which makes it available for use in various programming languages and mathematical packages.