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Hyperbolic inverse cosine

Writing functions:


Returns the inverse of that value, which returns the hyperbolic cosine, so cosh(arccosh(x))=x.

The hyperbolic arccosine (arccosine hyperbolic, arcosh) is the inverse function of the hyperbolic cosine and is denoted as arccosh(x). It is a mathematical function that takes real arguments and returns real values.

The hyperbolic arccosine is defined for arguments x that are greater than or equal to 1, and its values lie in the range [0, +a). It has the following definition: arccosh(x) = ln(x + (x^2 - 1)^(1/2)).

The reason why the hyperbolic arccosine is so important is that it allows you to solve various problems related to calculations and modeling in physics, engineering and other scientific fields. It finds application in solving equations where the hyperbolic cosine value is known and the initial value needs to be found.

The operation of finding the hyperbolic arccosine also has practical applications in statistics and data processing. For example, when analyzing the growth or distribution of values of a variable, data normalization is often required. The hyperbolic arccosine can be used to bring values to a more uniform distribution and eliminate inhomogeneities.