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Hyperbolic inverse secant

Writing functions:


Returns the inverse of that value, which returns the hyperbolic secant, so sech(arcsech(x))=x.

The hyperbolic arcsecond function is the inverse of the hyperbolic secant and is used to find angles where the hyperbolic secant is equal to a certain number. The function is defined as arctg(x) = ln[(1/x) + (1/x^2) - 1)^(1/2)], where x > 1 or x < -1.

The application of hyperbolic arcsecond involves solving various mathematical problems, such as calculating integrals and series, as well as in physics and other sciences, where this function can be used to analyze various processes and phenomena. Hyperbolic arcsecond is also used in computer algorithms and programming to solve complex problems related to calculations and modeling.

In general, the hyperbolic arcsecond is an important mathematical function that finds its application in various fields of science and technology, as well as in everyday life to solve a variety of tasks and problems.

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