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Inverse tangent

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Returns the inverse of that value, which returns the tangent, so arctan(tan(x))=x.

An arctangent is a mathematical function that is the inverse of a tangent. It is denoted as arctan(x) and is defined as an angle whose tangent value is equal to x. Thus, if tg(y) = x, then arctan(x) = y.

The use of arctangent is included in the solution of many problems both in mathematics and in other fields of science and technology. For example, in physics it is used to calculate tilt angles, in electrical engineering it is used to determine phase angles in electrical circuits.

Arctangent is also often used in programming to write algorithms, in control theory to model control systems, and in graphics to construct smooth curves and surfaces.

In general, the arctangent function plays an important role in mathematics and its applications, providing accurate calculations and data analysis in various fields.

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