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Hyperbolic inverse tangent

Writing functions:


Returns the inverse of that value, which returns the hyperbolic tangent, so tanh(arctanh(x))=x.

The hyperbolic arctangent or arctangent hyperbolic tn h(x) is the inverse function to the hyperbolic tangent. It is defined for all real values of x, except x = ±1. The graph of the function h(x) is symmetric with respect to the origin and passes through the point (0, 0).

Hyperbolic arctangent is used in various fields such as physics, mathematics, engineering and information technology. It is used in tasks related to thermal conductivity calculations, robot control, signal analysis and other areas where work with hyperbolic functions is required.

For the convenience of using hyperbolic arctangent in programming and computational mathematics, there are special libraries and functions that allow you to calculate this function with high accuracy. There are also tables of values and special methods for approximate calculation of the hyperbolic arctangent.

Thus, the hyperbolic arctangent is an important mathematical function that finds wide application in various fields of science and technology. Its use allows you to solve complex problems and make accurate calculations, which makes it an indispensable tool for specialists in various fields of activity.