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Multithreaded optimization

If you need to make complex calculations, you can use the multi-threaded optimization in version 1.4.0, it is only one - optimizing exponentiation. To use it, you need under the "Math" mark the box next to "Run the calculation of the power of extreme numbers in threads" and configure the number of threads, and stack size for each thread. It should be noted that it has application to root and logarithm, since they are used in the calculation of the power.

Available 2 method of accelerating the construction of the power in the threads:

  • multipliers method - thus there is a multiplication of the numbers of each multiplier on a stream. Then, multiplication result is multiplied.
  • The method of partitions - the degree of threads divided by the number specified in the settings. Then separately for each thread occurs exponentiation. Then the results are multiplied.

It should be noted that in the unregistered version of this function is not available.