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The differences between the different licenses CalculationLaboratory:

License type The cost Description
Standart $7 / €6.66 Allows the use of 16-riches the number in calculations. It supports up to 16 threads in the calculations.
Professional $20 / €19.03 Allows the use of binary extreme number(1 byte, the number with base 256 ) in a calculation and use the calculation formula of Taylor. The use of more extreme speeds digit calculation, but it should be noted that the conversion of the number to the capacity 256 takes a long time. But if you have the initial values is small, it is not worth paying attention to. It supports up to 64 threads in the calculations.
Extended $60 / €57.09 Allows the use of all other types of extreme numbers, the Taylor formula. In calculations you can also use the special function of accelerating the function of taking the square, cubic, and other types of roots. It supports up to 256 threads in the calculations.
Enterprise $190 / €180.8 It supports up to 512 threads in the calculations.
Extreme $260 / €247.42 It supports up to 8192 threads in the calculations.
It should be noted that in the unregistered version, it is allowed to use threads in calculations (no more than 4). Also, in the unregistered version, you can not use the mantissa in calculations.
Free Software distribution
Free software distribution

All software is distributed without restrictions

Free refund
Free refund

If you purchase the app, you can return the funds within 14 days from the date of purchase

24-hour information support
24-hour information support

Information support is provided (help and questions about software products)

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