Are accessible:
Calcum Lite 0.1.1 (freeware)
Calcum Pro 0.1.39(Shareware)
Calcum Lite
Current version 0.1.1 download (size 268 Kb) It is already downloaded copies: 17609
At present there is version 0.1, under versions Lite and Pro (about Pro to the version it is written below): Calcum Lite 0.1 differs from Calcum Lite 0.0 - in version 0.1.0 of more functions, as much, how much in Calcum Pro 0.0. Also it is possible to be switched between three types of number: usual, extreme denary and extreme binary.  
Why Lite? It is deciphered as LITtle and Easy - the program for calculation of mathematical operations, or simply speaking the calculator nevertheless having differences: a maximum quantity of digits more than 32 000.  
As the program extends free of charge it{she} can be downloaded directly here (the size 268 Kb)
Calcum Pro

Current version 0.1.39 - download (2,84 Mb) (It is already downloaded copies: 20242)- has status Shareware - the price of registration - $25

It is possible to download Extrem-version Calcum Pro: download (Size 6,2 Mb) (It is already downloaded copies: 20242)


The short description:

The multipurpose and multicomponent calculator with skins which can work with VERY GREATER numbers, a having plotter of schedules, the decision of the equations, calculations under the formula, etc. Is available adjustment of accuracy of calculations.


This program supports tabs - in their given version while only two. The tab #2 for input of formulas.

The information how to pay registration, it is possible to see here


Click to open or close section Appearance with skin


On a site there is also a gallery skins - their quantity now equally 19

For Calcum Pro the small utility by means of which it is possible to create skins to Calcum Pro is accessible. To look here

You can have a question, what for pay. The answer can be found out here

Instantly to receive a code, having paid registration it is possible here (yet does not work!)

Without registration Calcum Pro 0.1 to be started only 30 times



Click to open or close section Possibilities Calcum Pro


At Calcum Pro there is a special function (by the way, my invention :-)) - hyperdegree - about her below

Send skins - they will be placed in gallery of skins!

The information on changes in current and last versions Calcum Pro can be seen in in section Patches

Without registration Calcum Pro 0.1 to be started only 30 times




If you downloaded earlier my programs necessary libraries you to download it is not so necessary - the updated libraries, and what at you precisely are not present are delivered together with the program.




And now about action a hyperdegree:

C = Gp (A , B)   (Number A in hyperdegree B):

I.e. number A is raised (in a degree) in itself B time (if number B the whole)

With fractional hyperdegrees business is more difficultly (demands specific functions, slower, than a hyperdegree).

They will appear only in Calcum Pro 0.2 - 0.3 when job with extreme numbers on some orders will be faster


I.e. Gp(2,1)=2 ; Gp(2,2)=4; Gp(2,3)=24=16; Gp(2,5)=216=65536; etc. i.e. with increase in a hyperdegree the number increases much more quickly, than after an exhibitor.

Calcum Pro на  

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