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Instant registration through the electronic payment system WebMoney

Dear potential buyers! Follow the below instructions

Due to changes with Webmoney ruble wallets, payment via ruble wallets is not possible. More details: news on the Webmoney website


For those who have already purchased the program, send with email (which you used for registration) and specify your registration data (Name, firm (if any) and e-mail). After checking, if confirm that you bought the program to your email Inbox will receive new registration information (Name, company, e-mail).

Enter your login name, company (if any) and EMail. After you click "Buy" you will get a confirmation code e-mail, after entering and confirming you will be able to go on service for payment transactions ( - billing interface WebMoney payment tool).

After a successful payment transaction service will redirect you again to my website where you'll be able to get the registration components, your box will be sent registration components (name, firm, EMail, and the registration number or numbers, if you buyed multiple licenses).

The license types and limitations limit of licenses you can view on this page

Amount payment

63.7 $

Discount: 2 %

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