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Information for manual payment by AutomaticMail

Dear potential buyers! Read below information: note: if you have not installed the client program of the payment system WebMoney, you will need to download it from the official website of WebMoney. Then installing this module, you will need to register in the system. Then you transfer the money to your purse in WebMoney system (after entering into the system). And only then you will be able to pay Calcum Pro this payment system.
Below to contain information for payment:

my wallet numbers Z807192410328 (dollar), E631048263983 (euro)
ьн WMID 116657734486

License payment amount:
License name Amount, WMZ (dollar) Amount, WME (euro)
Post 15 13.99
Full 35 32.66
Plus 45 41.99
Professional 65 60.65

Translation needed without the patronage of the transaction to avoid mistakes when entering the purse, copy it and then paste it in the box for the purpose of payment.

Also, together with payment of registration please send a message from client module WebMoney - WebMoney Keeper. Message subject: "Buying the program AutomaticMail". In the message body, specify a comma: Registered program, your WMID, Your login name, Your registration of the firm or organisation (if any; if not, as an organization or company do not write anything - just put a comma and write the following option), your EMail. As check program type: "AutomaticMail"

Registration number will then be sent to you upon your EMail In the settings itself.. in module WebMoney you need to have available your name, surname, EMail, as well as firm or organization (if any). .

Also, the fact that you sent in the message, and send to my EMail . This is mandatory and is required to confirm.

Period send the registration number to your EMail is about 1-5 days. If you buy AutomaticMail one of the first, the period will be a little more (I can't check your account via WebMoney every day). In the more distant plans it is planned to automate this process.

To replenish one's purse via WebMoney.Top-up