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Program settings: Fonts and report

The "Other settings" tab contains font settings (print font, script field font), reporting settings,and tracking the release of new versions.

  1. The print Font setting specifies the font used when printing documents, the report field, or output variables.
  2. The script field Font setting specifies the font used for the set of functions, variables, and other components of the script language.
  3. Setting "Record execution report (debugging)" - when enabled, the program logs (i.e., the report on each or almost every operation performed hangs). When enabled, the settings for specifying the maximum size of all recorded reports become available, and when this amount of data is reached, the old report (logging) files are deleted. The clear button deletes all recorded reports except the current one.
  4. Option "Report new versions" - the program will periodically check for a new version on the Internet, and when a new version is detected, it will display a message about it.