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The settings of the program: Output and graph builder

The "Calculations and graphics" tab focuses on settings regarding the operation of scripts and the graph Builder.

  1. The parameter "method of drawing graphs" - allows you to choose how to draw graphs, "GDI" - to draw with the GDI software library, "GDI+" - to draw with the GDIPlus software library, "DirectX" - when drawing, the DirectX 2D and 3D graphics software library is used.
  2. Option "Save coordinates during plotting" - when this option is enabled, the program will save the coordinates of all calculated values of the plotting graph.
  3. Option "Quote the output result of a variable (made by the show var function)" - when enabled, the program will output the data passed by the showvar command and make quotes in the output data.
  4. The "stack Size for the graph Builder thread" parameter - allows you to set the stack size (for the graph Builder thread, the flow of graphs that are built by the program) that affects the graph being built.
  5. The option "Force (when plotting a graph) to calculate an extreme number" - when enabled, allows you to specify the program to perform calculations for the graph Builder (for calculated values) calculate only as an extreme number.