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Working with databases

In order to use databases in scripts, you need to create a database "setup" in via the menu Service < Databases and in the "Databases" window to create a setting, click "Add database/file", or if this setting exists, click "Edit Database" to edit the database settings.
First you need to enter the "setup ID" - which will be used in the function opendb
When you click on the "Add database/file" radio button, the "Create link/upload database" window appears where you can configure the parameters: "Link to the database/file being loaded (saved) during execution" - work is going on with an external database, when you click on the "Configure" button, you configure access to this external database, otherwise, when you click on the radio button "Database or files are uploaded to an internal database" - an internal database is used, where external databases are not used (when you click on the "Configure" button you can still set the connection parameters to an external database, but at the same time, data is copied from the external to the internal when creating the configuration.
If you check the box "Create an empty database" (for both types of databases), an empty database will be created.
Additionally, you can protect access from outside interference by checking the "Protect access with a password" checkbox, where specifying a special password and by checking the boxes "Protect access to change access" or "Protect access when working with scripts" - to protect access to this window and when working with scripts.
All passwords are stored encrypted.