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The type of a variable

Writing functions:


Returns a numeric value according to the following table matches:

Value The type of a variable
0 An integer variable
1 A double-precision number
2 Fraction
3 Extreme number
4 Number
5 String
6 Object




The function in question has an important application in programming. Its main task is to return the type of a variable based on a given variable. Let's take a closer look at how it works.

First, we need to understand what types of variables can be in programming. In a programming language, such types can include numeric, symbolic, boolean, string, and other data types. Depending on the programming language, the list of types may be different.

Now let's move on to the function itself. The input parameter of this function is a variable, the type of which we need to determine.

Thus, this function allows you to determine the type of a variable using a given variable as an input parameter. It is a useful tool for programmers that helps automate the process of working with various types of data in programming.