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Reading string to separator

Writing functions:

strtok(str1, str2)

Reading from a string str1 to separator str2. Returns the resulting string.


The strtok software function is designed to read a string up to a specific substring in that string. It allows the user to specify a string and a substring, after which it searches for the specified substring in the source string and returns all the characters located in front of it. If the specified substring is not found, the function returns the original string unchanged.

The strtok function above takes two arguments: str1 is the source string to read, and str2 is the substring to which the string needs to be read.

If a substring is found, a slice operation is used before the found substring. This slice is returned as the result of the function.

Thus, the above function allows you to read a string up to a certain substring and returns the result as a new line. It can be used in various software scenarios where such functionality is required.

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