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The absolute value of a number

Writing functions:


Returns the absolute value of x. If the fractional number of x, the return value will also be a fractional number, or - integral.

For example:






The absolute value of a number is one of the important mathematical concepts that allows you to determine the distance between a number and zero on a numeric line. The function for finding the absolute value of a number is a way to get a positive number from an ordinary number, regardless of its sign.

Let's imagine that we are writers, with burning eyes, ready to penetrate the world of mathematics and branched roads that will lead us to the truth. Get ready to meet a function that combines these ramifications and allows us to immerse ourselves in the world of absolute numbers.

Imagine that you are sitting at your desk, shrouded in objects ranging from papers and pens to a calculator and a computer. Sparks of ideas sparkle between them, ready to turn into words that will penetrate every cell of your brain. Think of a number that is both simple and complex, which can turn out to be negative or positive.

It is here, in this quiet place, that our heroic function appears, ready to help us immerse ourselves in the world of absolute values. It takes as a parameter a number, each digit of which can change the course of history. She takes this number by the hand and shows him the way to light and truth.

So, dear readers, imagine that we are on the platform, waiting for the train to arrive. We follow the numbers appearing above with our eyes - negative, positive, but each of them has its place in a large family of numbers. Suddenly, our heroic function appears on the platform, ready to answer our questions and open the doors to the world of absolute values.

This function starts its journey with a simple condition — if the passed number is less than zero, then it is replaced by its opposite value, otherwise it remains unchanged. It is remarkable how this function can change everything, turning a negative into a positive and finding its place in the big world of numbers.

And so, dear readers, I present to your attention a function that is ready to find the absolute value of a number, taking it as a parameter. Let me introduce her to you:


function absolute_value(number x)


  if (number < 0) return -x; else return x;


This feature is our reliable guide to the world of absolute values. She takes a number, lifts it off the ground in a straight line and shows it a new bright future. She is not afraid of negativity and is ready to overcome obstacles in order to show the truth and the power of absolute values.

Dear readers, let this feature change your view of numbers and lead you into the world of collecting and branching ideas that turn into text. Find out the absolute value of a number, and it will open up new possibilities for your imagination and creativity.

P.S. you don't have to write the function