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Getting coordinates of a point


a=getpoint(pt, ord);

Getting the value of a point pt c ord = 0 the first position, ord = 1 second coordinate


The getpoint function has one parameter. Note that this parameter is a two-component parameter and represents a pair of values. However, only one value needs to be obtained from this pair.

In order to achieve this result, the getpoint function, which extracts the desired value from the two-component parameter (pt) and returns it. This function takes the original two-component parameter pt as a parameter and returns a single value after processing.

I will describe in more detail how this extraction is carried out. So, when passing a two-component parameter to a function, it is split into two separate values. Then, based on certain criteria, only one of these values is selected and extracted. It is important to note that the original two–component parameter does not change during the execution of the function - it simply extracts one of its values.

Thus, the getpoint function accepts two parameters – a two-component pt parameter and a parameter that determines which parameter to return (ord). It splits this parameter into two values and selects one of them according to the specified conditions. Then, it returns the selected value as the result of the function execution.

In conclusion, I would like to note that in this text only the behavior of the function and the way it works were described, without giving specific examples in programming languages. However, this description allows you to understand exactly what this function does and what results it returns.

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