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Returns the cosecant of the corner where the angle is given in radians (1 pi radians = 180 degrees). Convert radians to degrees, you can use the formula:

degrees = pi * x /180

Where pi - PI, x - value of the angle in radians.

The cosecance (cosec) is a mathematical function that is the inverse of the sine. It is defined as the inverse of the sine: cosec(x) = 1 / sin(x). This function is also known as a cusecant or cosecant.

Cosecance has wide application in various fields of mathematics and natural sciences. It is used in trigonometry to calculate angles and distances, in physics to model wave processes and vibrations, as well as in engineering to solve various problems.

The main property of the cosecance is that it defines a periodic function that has an infinite set of zeros and singular points. This makes it very convenient for solving complex mathematical problems and modeling various phenomena.

Thus, the cosecance is an important mathematical function that is widely used in various fields of science and technology. Its unique properties and capabilities make it a necessary tool for solving various complex tasks and modeling tasks.