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Writing functions:


Returns the cotangent corner, where the angle is given in radians (1 pi radians = 180 degrees). Convert radians to degrees, you can use the formula:

degrees = pi * x) /180

Where pi - PI, x - value of the angle in radians.


A cotangent is a trigonometric function that is the inverse of a tangent. It is defined as the ratio of the catheter of a right triangle adjacent to the hypotenuse to the catheter opposite the given angle. The cotangent graph has branches that repeat with the period π.

The cotangent is designated as ctg or cot. To calculate the cotangent of an angle, you can use the formula ctg(a) = 1 / tan(a), where a is the angle.

Cotangens finds application in various fields of science and technology. For example, it is used in physics to describe vibrations and waves, in engineering to calculate structures, in computer science to optimize algorithms, etc.

The use of cotangence helps to solve various kinds of problems related to geometry, physics, engineering and other fields. Understanding its properties and applications allows you to find solutions to more complex problems and improve the quality and efficiency of work.