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Writing functions:


Returns the sine of the angle where the angle is given in radians (1 pi radians = 180 degrees). Convert radians to degrees, you can use the formula:

degrees = pi * x /180

Where pi - PI, x - value of the angle in radians.

A sine is a mathematical function that associates each corner with its sine. The sine of an angle is defined as the ratio of the opposite catheter to the hypotenuse of a right triangle. Is the sine function periodic with a period of 2? and is limited to values from -1 to 1.

The use of sine is widespread in various fields of science, technology and natural sciences. In mathematics, it is used to solve equations, differentiate and integrate functions, and to approximate complex functions. In physics, the sine is used in modeling wave processes, oscillations, and periodic phenomena.

In engineering, sine is used in the calculation of the strength of materials, the design of mechanisms, as well as in the design of electrical circuits. In computer science, sine is used to create algorithms for signal processing, graphics, and animation. Thus, the sine function plays an important role in many scientific and engineering disciplines.