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Program settings - extreme number options: parameters of the numerical calculations

The tab contains 4 settings: transformation and output settings, mantissa settings, and setting to enable the option to use transformation when using precision settings:

  1. Parameter "when converting to another number system, use the precise settings" - this setting specifies the setting parameter for this option when converting a number to a different number system when changing the number type on tab "General"
  2. Parameter "transform a certain number of digits after the decimal point During transformation (translation to another number system)" - this parameter sets the transformation limit to another number system by limiting the number of digits (in the number system to which the conversion is made) after the decimal point.
  3. Parameter "Number of digits after the decimal point for displaying large digits (with a mantissa)" - this parameter specifies the number of digits of the number when displaying numbers in the report panel and the list of variables when exceeding which the number will be it is shown as a mantissa - for example, if 12 is given, then if the number 12357836374634737 should be output, then 1.235783637463 E+16 will be shown, and if the number is for example 55227 - then it will be shown in the same form
  4. Parameter "mantissa of extreme numbers" - this parameter is available only in the registered version, it allows you to set the type of mantissa used in calculations, "Do not apply mantissa" - the mantissa of numbers is not used, "Normal mantissa" - the usual mantissa is used, the standard computer number type (int) ~ up to 2 million, An "extreme mantissa" is a mantissa that uses an extreme number type that far exceeds the restriction of the normal number type.