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convertmatrix(matrix, first, size)

Converts the matrix to an array of coordinates. first-initial x coordinate, size-size along the x axis.


This software function is used to create a matrix based on an array of coordinates, where each coordinate represents a pair of values (x, y).

Before proceeding to the basic logic of the function, it is necessary to create an empty matrix, the dimensions of which will correspond to the area containing all the coordinates from the array. This can be done by finding the maximum values of x and y among all coordinates, which will determine the number of rows and columns in the matrix.

This is followed by the main stage of the function, during which all coordinates from the array will be sorted and written to the corresponding positions of the matrix. To do this, a loop is used that runs through each element of the array.

Inside the loop, the current coordinate (x, y) is extracted from the array, and then the value of this coordinate is written to the position of the matrix with indexes corresponding to these coordinates. For example, the value of the coordinate (x, y) will be placed in a matrix cell with indexes [x][y].

After all the coordinates from the array are written to the matrix, the function returns the resulting matrix as a result.

By converting an array of coordinates into a matrix using this function, we get a convenient data structure that allows us to work efficiently with coordinates. For example, we can quickly get the value of a matrix cell corresponding to a certain coordinate, as well as perform various operations on the matrix to analyze data or solve a problem.

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