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Help on built-in functions

Mathematical functions and values:

abs - Returns the number of the module, the absolute value of
- The difference of arithmetic progression
arphn - The number of arithmetic progression
arphsum - The sum of an arithmetic progression
arrangement - Allocation
countcombin - The number of combinations
calcvalues - Сalculation of the number of function values
calcfunc -The calculation of the value of the function
determinant - Determinant of matrix
geod - The multiplier exponentially
geonum - A member of a geometric progression
geosum - The amount of members of the geometric progression.
gmid - Geometric mean
e - the base of the natural logarithm
equal - Precise comparing of numbers
exp - Exponent
factorial - Factorial
factorialdbl - Double factorial
factorialmulti - Multiple factorial
factorialmultiply - Times the factorial
factorialsuper - Super factorial
fromfraction - Fraction convert
getmatrixsize - matrix size
getpoint - Getting coordinates of a point
lg - decimal logarithm
ln - The natural logarithm
log - Logarithm.
max - Maximum
median - Median triangle
minor - matrix minor
mid - Arithmetic mean
min - Minimum
mod - Modulo
multiall - Multiplying numbers
multinom - Multinomial coefficient
multiplying - The multiplication of numbers (from array)
noc - Least common multiple
nod - The greatest common divisor
perm - Matrix permanent
pi - number pi
pow - Exponentiation
onlyint - Only integer
rad - Root
rand - Generating random numbers
round - Rounding numbers
setmatrixsize - Sets the size of the matrix
setpoint - Get the coordinates of a point
sizeof - Determination of the size of the array
summall - Summation of numbers
summation - Summation of numbers (from array)
tetration - Tetration
tofraction - Convert to fraction

Trigonometric and hyperbolic functions:

sin - Sinus
cos - Cosine
tan - Tangent
cotan - The cotangent
sec - Secant
cosec - Cosecant
arcsin - The arc sine
arccos - The arc cosine
arctan - The arctangent
arccotan - Арккотангенс
arcsec - The arc secant
arccosec - The arc cosecant
sinh - Hyperbolic sine
cosh - Hyperbolic cosine
tanh  - Hyperbolic tangent
cotanh - Hyperbolic cotangent
sech - Hyperbolic secant
cosech - Hyperbolic cosecant
arcsinh - Hyperbolic inverse sine
arccosh - Hyperbolic inverse cosine
arctanh - Hyperbolic inverse tangent
arccotanh - Hyperbolic arc cotangent
arcsech - Hyperbolic arc secant
arccosech - Hyperbolic arc cosecant

General functions

asc - Character code
closefile - Close the open file
convertcoordmatrix -converts an array of coordinates to a matrix
convertmatrix - converts a matrix to an array of coordinates.
createcoordmatrix - create an array of coordinates
creatematrix - create matrix
color - Color
drawgraph - The construction of the graph of the function
drawpoints - Drawing points on an array of coordinates
enable_extnumber - Enable or disable extreme numbers
getmaingraphwindow - Returns the identifier of the main window of the chart builder
gettimems - Duration of work of the computer
gettype - The type of a variable
isarray - Verifying for an array
- Verifying for extreme number
isint - Verifying for integer
isfloat - Verifying for double-precision number
isfraction - Verifying for fraction
isnumber - Verifying for number
ismatrix - Verifying for the matrix
isstring - Verifying for string
ltrim - Remove extra spaces at the beginning of the string
openfile - Open file
playsound - Plays a sound file
print - Printing information in the information bar
readfile - Reading an open file
rtrim - Remove extra spaces after the end of the string
seekfile - Move the file pointer to the specified location (from the beginning of the file)
setexact - The establishment of precision number
setexactoption - Setting preferences precision number
setformula - Copying functions in variable.
showvar - To display a variable in the variables list
sleep - Delay of execution of the script
strcmp - String comparison
strlen - String length
strpos - Finding the character position
strrev - The reverse of the string (change the sequence of characters).
strtok - Reading a string to separator
strtolower - Convert character strings in small letters.
strtoupper - The conversion of characters in a string uppercase.
substr - A copy of the string
toextnumber - The transformation in the extreme number
tonumber - Conversion to a number
tostring - String conversion
trim - Remove extra spaces
writefile -Writing data to a file.

Functions for working with databases

addrowdb - Adding a new record to the table
binsizedb - Calculating the size of the specified database or table
cleartabledb - Deletes all records in the specified table
closedb - Closes the specified database
closetable - Closes the specified table
countcolumndb - Number of table columns
countrowdb - Number of table rows
counttablesdb - Number of tables in the specified database
createtabledb - Creates a table in the database
dbmovefirst - Moves the read/write pointer to the beginning of the table
dbmovenext - Moves the table read/write pointer to the next position
dbmoveprev - Moves the table read/write pointer to the previous position
dbseek - Moves the table read/write pointer to a specific position
dbtableend - Checks whether the table read/write pointer is at the end of the table
deleterowdb - Deletes the specified record from the table
deletetabledb - Deletes a table from the database
getdatatypedb - The data type of the column of the specified table
opendb - Opens the specified database
opentable - Opens the specified database table
querydb - Executes a special query in the database (SQL query, applicable only to external databases)
readfromdb - Reads data from the specified table and database column
savetodb - Saves data in the specified table, and database column
updatedb - Updates data into the specified table or database, while the data appears in the specified database