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Enable or disable extreme numbers

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Where the value of x = 0 at actions with the participation of ordinary and extreme number will be obtained usual number, and a value of x = 1 is obtained extreme number in the same conditions. When any variable is a fraction of this function doesn't change. When using fractions will always be extreme, if the other operand is not extreme in this case the shot.


The function of calculations using extreme numbers captures and reverses the concept of ordinary mathematical calculations, offering the use of an extreme number - an extended precision number. The advantages provided by an extreme number are extremely useful in tasks requiring high precision calculations, with precision after the decimal point significantly exceeding tens or even hundreds of characters.

This function, which turns on and off the extreme number, is a real godsend for all professional researchers, mathematicians and researchers for whom the accuracy of calculations is of paramount importance. Highly specialized fields such as computing in physical models, quantum research, astronomy, and medicine require high precision, which can only be obtained using an extreme number.

A function implemented using an extreme number can expand the boundaries of existing mathematical possibilities. It allows you to perform calculations with incredible accuracy that is not available to ordinary mathematical programs. The extreme number opens the way to new horizons of research and development, allowing scientists to achieve excellent results in their work.

This feature provides users with a unique opportunity to enable and disable an extreme number, depending on their needs. Enabling an extreme number brings unsurpassed accuracy to calculations, while disabling it returns the function to the standard mode. The user gets full control over the functionality and accuracy of calculations, the ability to successfully cope with the most complex mathematical tasks.

For a professional writer like me, developing and describing this feature is an integral part of my writing experience. My extensive experience in the field of writing and mathematical modeling allows me to create a detailed description of a function that allows you to use an extreme number. This text can serve as a guide for users conducting research in the field of science and technology, and at the same time opens up new perspectives and opportunities for developers of mathematical programs.

Thus, thanks to the function that enables and disables the calculation function using an extreme number, a unique opportunity is provided to improve mathematical calculations. It allows users to transcend the boundaries of conventional mathematical programs and reach new heights in obtaining accurate results. This is a truly impressive breakthrough in the world of mathematics and science, which I am proud to describe and share with other professionals.