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Writing data to the file

writefile(handle, data, size)

Writes data to a file


handle-handle of an open file created by the openfile function

data-data to be written to a file.

size-the size of the bytes read.

The function in question is designed to write data by the descriptor of an open file. It is a versatile and effective tool that allows you to store information in a specified file, ensuring consistent data recording.

Before proceeding to the description of the function, it is worth mentioning that the descriptor of an open file is a numeric value that is a unique identifier for a specific open file. It allows you to access this file during the operation of the function.

Thus, the function accepts two mandatory arguments: the descriptor of the open file and the data to be written. It writes this data to a file using the passed descriptor.

The function starts its work by checking whether the file is open to the specified descriptor. If the file was not opened or an error occurred when opening it, the function returns the corresponding message or error.

After successful verification, the function uses the operating system system calls to write data to a file. It transmits the file descriptor and the data to be written to the operating system, and then receives a response from the system about the result of the recording.

In the context of writing, such a function can be used to create and populate text files. For example, it can be used to record research results, literary works, journals, etc.

An important aspect of the function is the handling of possible errors when writing data. The function should be able to detect and report problems such as a full disk or a lack of file access rights. This avoids data loss and ensures the reliability of the function.

Finally, the function closes the file descriptor after the recording is completed, freeing up the operating system resources allocated to work with the file.

As a result, the function described above provides the ability to write data using the descriptor of an open file. Its use reduces the complexity and time required to write information to a file, and ensures the reliability and security of this process.