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Function savetodb

Writing functions:

savetodb(table, column, value)

Where table is the variable returned by the function opentable, column - number, a string representing the column name or index of the column where the numbering starts 0 (1st column), value - the value that needs to be updated or record, in the case of an external database (such as MySQL) - needed to comply with typing data, i.e. to add a data type match the database type of the same column, for example if it is a string, then write a line, and if a numeric data type, then use accordingly, the number of.

This function writes data to the table, the specified column, the current read/write pointer.

In order to update the information and add/update records, you need to use the updatedb function to update the data in the database.



The "savetodb" function is designed to save data to the specified column of the current read/write pointer in the database table.

Taking the column name (column) and the data to save (value) as arguments, the savetodb function performs the following steps:

1. Checks whether the specified column exists in the database table. If the column does not exist, the function outputs an error message and does nothing.

2. Checks whether the read/write pointer is valid and is located on an existing row in the table. If the pointer is invalid or outside the table, the function also outputs an error message and terminates.

3. Checks the type of data stored in the specified column and compares it with the type of data that you want to save. If the data types do not match, the function will try to save the data.

4. Saves data to the specified column of the current row of the table. To do this, the function uses the appropriate method or function provided by the database tools.