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Returns the tangent of an angle, where the angle is given in radians (1 pi radians = 180 degrees). Convert radians to degrees, you can use the formula:

degrees = (pi * x) /180

Where pi - PI, x - value of the angle in radians.

The tangent is a mathematical function that is defined as the ratio of the opposite catheter to the adjacent one in a right triangle. The formula for calculating the tangent of the angle is tg(a) = sin(a)/cos(a), where a is the angle.

The tangent is widely used in various fields of science and technology. For example, in physics, the tangent is used in studying the movement of a body along a curved trajectory, in electrical engineering - in calculating the parameters of electrical circuits, in economics - in analyzing market trends.

This function also plays an important role in computer graphics, where it is used to plot smooth curves and surfaces. Tangent helps to optimize modeling processes and improve the quality of visualization of virtual objects.

Thus, the tangent is an integral part of the mathematical apparatus, which is important for solving various problems in various fields of knowledge and practice.